Muskies exist in lakes all through the midwest and nearly all of these lakes have Shad  as forage .  We were approached a Guide from the Webster lake area in Northern Indiana about building a small but tough Shad lure that would hold up to Muskies.  We answered with the Rippen Shad and Rippin Minnow. The Rippin Shad is built in three sizes . The original 4" model,the 5" Fat Shad and the 7.5 " Magnum Shad. The Rippin Minnow is 4.5 inches and more of a stick bait then a Shad. All models are true WIRE THROUGH construction using .057 stainless spring wire on the 4,4.5 and 5 inch models and .078 on the Magnum.  Both have Lexan lips and all stainless steel splitrings and quality hooks. We build suspending models of the 4 and 4.5 inch models for casting deep edges and open water.
4 inch Rippin Shad
4.5 inch Rippin Minnow
 5 Inch Fat Shad and 7.5 inch Magnum Shad