In 2005 I started looking for some good fishermen  to test the Little Claw.  I didnt have to look very far just a little east to Canada. I met Bob Devine several years ago when he was guiding for Walleyes and Smallmouth bass on Lake St. Claire and the Detroit river. He was putting huge numbers up and when he added Muskies to his list I stopped over and gave him a couple of Baits. His 2005 season has seen him put over 200 Muskies in the boat .  This was thier biggest of the year. It was caught casting a Chocolate Frog Little Claw in the 1/8th billed sinking version. 
Mike,  we are all very impressed with the toughness of the LITTLE CLAW. As a fishing guide  I see many baits that do not hold up . After catching a number of Muskies on the Little Claw I can find very little damage to the bait. Only scratches WOW!   The slow side to side action is a real attraction. Keep up the good work,  Bob Devine