Michelle (Queenfisher) has been one of our pro staffers since the beginning. Her credits include winning both the 2006 Muskies INC. WOMENS DIVISION and 2010 Muskies INC. WOMENS MASTERS DIVISION MOFC. She holds two all time Womens records kept by Muskies inc including 103 Muskies over 30 inches in one calender year and 1100 points scored in one calender year (2006). She has represented Fishall lures with Class, professionalism and some really big fish. She has also represented Muskies Inc Chapter 47 the Michigan Muskie Alliance with all the same credentials.  Michelle is an accomplished Caster which separates her from many other musky fishing women. Every season she catches at least half of her fish casting. Michelle is an artist with the Talonz Little Claw. Her largest fish casting was taken on one of Michigans toughest lakes using one of her Little Claws. She has boated 5 muskies over 50 inches including a 55 inch Brute caught on Lake St. Clair. W e are very proud of her here at the shop. Kingfisher
spring 2003 Little claw twitch
fall 2003  Little Claw Crank
  spring 2004 Little claw Twitch
fall 2004  Talonz Slasher ptototype
Little claw  twitch        2004     
Little Claw twitch               2005