The Grubby Slasher is a combination of the 8 inch stubby crank and the Kalins Magambo magnum grub tail. The words go together even easier then the components. Michael designed it with both casting and trolling in mind. Western Red Cedar is the base wood for the body which is a solid 5.5 inches long, 1 1/2 inches wide and 1 1/8 inches tall.  The Lip is 3/16th Poly carbonate hand cut and shaped. We remove all but 6 of the ribs in the tail which still measures 7 inches long making the bait come in around 12 inches in total length. The tail is mounted on a 1/4 inch diameter oak dowel which is 1.5 inches long. The entire tail is glued in place with Pros Soft Plastic glue. Our long used practice of injecting epoxy into the screw eye holes, hardens the wood around the 092 stainless steel 1 1/2 inch long screw eyes. They are very tough because of this. The tow eye is 2 inches long and threaded all the way through the diving lip. Very tough!!  This lure runs exceptionally well in the 3 to 5 mph range but really excels on the surface twitched and slow cranked as it makes a nice wake from that huge tail. As this is hybrid lure it has its own color chart as we have to work with Kalin grub colors.  Hit the link button at the bottom of this page for the colors we have available now. More pages of color combinations will be forthcoming.