The DEEP THREAT was first tested back in 2001 and prototypes have come and gone until 2005 when we found the answer with a new design.  I was looking for a large deep diver that would compete with the Wishmaster but at a much lower price. The DEEP THREAT is now available for sale in 7 models. We offer the DEEP THREAT in 8, 10 inch, 12 inch, 15 inch, 21 inch, 12 inch TITAN, and 12 inch SHALLOW THREAT models.  The 12 inch model is the standard but if you want to get bigger we have a 15 inch model and a huge 21 inch diver that will exceed 30 feet trolled. All of these lures are built from Western Red Cedar and have multiple coats of Envirotec over the hand airbrushed patterns. The wire thru construction uses .078 stainless steel, the split rings are Wolverine triple rings, and the hooks are Mustad 3551's. The TITAN is short for TITANIUM. This 12 inch deep diver has a 4000 series space shuttle grade Titanium diving lip. We reinforce the nose with hardwood so this lure can bash rocks for years without breaking. 
12 inch Deep Threat
15 inch Deep Threat
21 inch Deep Threat
12 inch Titan
8 inch Deep Threat
12 inch Shallow Threat
10 inch Deep Threat